The best adventures exist entirely in your imagination unless you make them a reality.



Adventure Geek

Adventure Geek is the general life and photography blog of Fort William based Adventure Tourism Management student Murray Cruickshank. A self proclaimed geek with a desire for adventure however big or small. Armed only with his trusty bag of cameras and a growing collection of books and board games, he aims to seek out adventure wherever it may be, whether it is up a remote windy mountain or around the table with a group of friends.


Being a geek means never having to play it cool about how much you like something.
— Simon Pegg

What you will see

  • Sporadic blog posts about life, until a more stable adventuring career begins.
  • Less sporadic posts about general geekery, due to a different thriving adventuring career.  
  • Photography of a large variety of hopefully interesting things.

What the future might hold

  • Stable and cohesive blog updates.
  • A growing list of board game reviews as the pile grows. 
  • Photography projects.
  • Potentially a small store to buy said photography stuff to fund more photography stuff.