The Geekery Begins

This post begins the hopefully last of many attempts to gain an online blog presence over the years, having had two or three in the past dedicated to various things, however with this coming at a stage where I have a lot more to talk about and more focus through the photography side of things that I will be able to stick with it. 

Looking at why I like what I like has made me realise just how much it has stemmed from just pure unfiltered escapism. I have always found myself drawn to deep complex stories to fall into whether that has come in the form of books, TV and film, or video games. It is a weird feeling to explain but through the numerous stories I have taken in over the years I feel they have definitely become part of who I am and even in some occasions changed my outlook on things or changed parts of my personality. There is the saying of "You only live once so don't waste it.", but I've come to realise that through my love of good stories that you can live as many lives as you want to.

And so through this it brings me to what this part of the blog will be about, all things geeky and a more than average amount of D&D because I think everyone should have a go at least once and I will try my hardest to convince people of that. There will definitely be posts about our new and hopefully ongoing campaign, ramblings about all things surrounding the game and a few things dealing with being the DM. Other than that there will also be posts about board games and my thoughts on them, talks about tv, movies, books, literally anything and everything else that interests me.

However I think that concludes this short but sweet post regarding the future of this space, so please stay tuned and pop back in at some point to see how things are going.